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      • Syntax CGI known for creating state-of-the-art digital imagery, advertising, entertainment and visual branded content.

      • By taking proects from concept to completion.We allocated over the years an enormous recourses for artists and created original and successful platforms such as Art of Styleframe, and upcoming Art of Cinematography / Art of branding / Art of GUI.

      • As we believe that creativity is the very essence of life, and therefore we want to create projects that inspires artists and industry professionals.
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      • Syntax CGI and Evermotion are in ever-lasting partnership to create a full scale production When it comes to VFX for TV/Film and game industry.

      • Providing a high end 3D modeling and environment creation for TV/FILM and gaming industry. Evermotion was founded in 1998 by Krzysztof M. Kundzicz alias PENdzel, in the Polish city of Bialystok.

      • Their portal unites CG fans and Professionals alike and our success has made us one of the largest CG resource sites in the world. Evermotion creates and develops products that help CG artists with their 3d visualizations by speeding up their workflow and increasing their quality of output. Besides this we're always willing to help CG fans with their journey through the third dimensional world and therein share our vast body of knowledge.
      • mocap
      • Founded by Michal Hrydziuszko, MoCap.PL is one of the few European studios that use the most cutting-edge cameras and related tools available worldwide that includes a 36 VICON Motion capture cameras with a capturing speed of 1000' frames per second.
      • Music Imaginary & Octave Music
      • Music Composing and Sonic Branding is an essential part of our production and having the partnership with the top composer in the industry from Tv commercials to game industry and radio advertising, not to mention the diversity of the composition as our composers have different backgrounds and experience either its western music composition or Arabic as well Asian.
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        stills from 2001 – 20018

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          branding & identity

          our branding solutions by .srg

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              The essence of motion capture is to enable animated characters to behave like real people. During motion capture sessions, actors are dressed in black stretch suits that bear special markers – usually, these are small, light-weight balls, with a reflective surface. If the actors are using props [for example, weapons] in their scenes, then the props will also bear these markers

              The film starts with a man of clay, not many body features except you can tell it's a man walking along the middle of a road, he is walking on a path (which is sup-posed to be the path of his life). While hearing sounds of mumbling and shouting incoherently, only occasionally including intelligible words.

              All of a sudden he gets hit from the side with an invisible object (as it's supposed to be an emotional pain) and tumbles violently to the pavement, before getting back up, bloodied but undeterred. The blood in this video is not a blood – he will appear to be injured but his injury reveals what's under his skin which is your spirit, and he is left on the ground....

                the art of

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                02:08 - 03:54

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